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Bedouin Star

Nuweiba - Taba Road



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  • Restaurant

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  • 24 Hour Reception



Bedouin Star Nuweiba Sandwiched by the mountains of the Sinai desert and the Red Sea. Enjoy snorkeling the Coral reef of the Red Sea only a few meters from your bungalow.
Your bungalow has a terrace and small garden for your own private use. The bungalow is situated at a beach where there are many opportunities for common recreation. The restaurant at the beach serves typical Bedouin dishes or European dishes, your breakfast (which is inclusive) will be served in the beachrestaurant, or at your terrace or perhaps you would like to enjoy it at the beach.
Sleeping at the beach in simple, clean and comfortable bungalows. But before we go to sleep you will enjoy a Bedouin dinner grilled at the campfire in front of the Bedouin tent. The fire will be poked to make Bedouin tea. And in the meantime the first tunes of the Bedouin music will start to fill the evening with ancient Bedouin songs
Many people enjoy to snorkel but of course you can also do fishing, walking along the beach yourself or on top of a camel, chilling in our lounge restaurant (favorite of our guests as well)
No mass tourism for a good price
When you are totally relaxed, and curious about the mountains of the Sinai desert, you can seduce yourself to several tours up from one day to a week including sleep over in the desert. Get yourself up the camel or into the jeep for futher trips.
Imagind the night surrounded by millions of start, no sound you push your ears but they are not blocked there is just no sound, the air is clean, you feel so free.
Beside a tour in the desert it is also possible to visit Bedouin villages where time stood still, there are really nice places trekking the Red Sea coastal area.
Experience the Bedouin culture at Bedouin Star
We are in Egypt - Sinai an historical region, close to Nuweiba which is north of Sharm el Sheikh and south of Taba.
Do you wonder how to get here?
This is easier than you think.
You book a ticket / camping flight at the internet to
Taba - Egypt (1,5 hour from our beach)
Sharm el Sheikh - Egypt (2,5 hour from our beach)
Check charter companies they have direct flights for a nice rate.
See link wikipedia Taba airport
Egypt air flies from Cairo to Taba
every Sunday-Monday-Thursday
Taba - Cairo Sunday and Thursday
Let us know you will come to our beach, we will make sure a taxi is waiting for you at the airport.
De price of the taxi depends from where you would like to be picked up, for more information please contact us.
Payment of your accommodation will be done at the end of your stay at our vacation park, unfortunately we can not accept credit cards please pay in cash, ATM in nearby village accept Mastercard, Maestro, Visa card.


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Our vacationpark is located in South Sinai, 6 kilometer north of Nuweiba and 50 kilometer south of Taba at the Nuweiba - Taba Road.
The most comfortable way to get to our vacationpark is by taxi as public transport is not very comfortable and only a few times a day.
But as you are a real traveller it is possible to arrive at our vacation park by bus, take the bus to Nuweiba from there you need a taxi to get to our vacation park.
Sharm el Sheikh 3 hours take the bus to Taba and Arrive in Nuweiba, or if you come from Taba 1,5 hour take the bus to Sharm el Sheik and Arrive in Nuweiba.


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