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What We Do

We list tens of thousands of youth hostels, cheap hotels, apartments, camping sites, and bed and breakfasts in thousands of cities worldwide. This is a budget travel website designed for people who don't like to get their wallet out yet want to see the entire world.

We list hostels, hotels and budget accommodation on a map so that you know where you'll be, and we show a Google StreetView panorama from outside the building (if available).

We list all the usual stuff about accommodation, including description, photos, facilities and directions.

You can view availability online and book the accommodation online to guarantee your bed. To make a reservation you only need to pay a small deposit and you'll receive instant confirmation.

Accommodation is listed for free - we don't exclude accommodation because they are not affiliated to a certain organisation or because they use a particular reservation system. That way we give you the widest possible choice.

Why Travelaholics is Unique

This website is absolutely unique because of all the contact information that we list - not hidden away but right out there in the open so that you can make an informed decision. Here are some examples of what we include about accommodation (where available):

Telephone, Fax, FreephoneNeed to ask a question? What better way than to contact the hostel or hotel direct - we provide the telephone, fax and freephone.

SkypeYahoo!MessengerAIMVoice and text chat directly to the owners or staff in real time using Skype, AIM or Yahoo!Messenger - we'll even show whether they're online right now.

External WebsiteWe link directly to hostel, hotel and accommodation websites.

TwitterCheck out how the party went last night. Or see what's happening tonight at your chosen accommodation. The latest Twitter statuses are embedded in our pages - you don't even need to leave the site.

FacebookConnect with the hostels and hotels on Facebook - we provide the details.

BloggerWord PressLive JournalTumblrSee what the hostels, hotels, apartments and B&Bs are blogging about on a wide variety of popular blog sites - again we provide all the links.

YouTubeFlickrIf you're still not convinced, maybe check out a video on YouTube or photos on Flickr. You guessed it - all details provided.

Google MapsAnd if you still need convincing, we'll direct you to the Google Places where you can read reviews and find out even more.

We list thousands of websites for hostels, hotels, apartments, camping sites and bed and breakfasts around the world, but if we're missing something, please let us know and we'll add it for free.

Some Examples of How Travelaholics is Unique...

Here are some examples of the accommodation and destinations that we list:



Accommodations Listed: 30,000

Cities Listed: 5,900

Countries Listed: 180

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