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We list any accommodation anywhere in the world. That means everything - you don't need to sign up to a reservation system and you don't need to be a member of any other organisation.

We divide accommodation into the following categories. You need to choose the one (only one) that fits best.

Hostels: Backpacker Hostels and Youth Hostels. These will offer dormitory accommodation in shared rooms (may also offer private rooms) and will usually have a common area where guests can socialise and a kitchen for guest use.

Hotels: Hotels and Motels of any rating. May be part of a chain or independent.

Guest Accommodation: Bed and Breakfasts, Guesthouses, Inns, Homestays, Farmstays and a variety of other accommodation where the experience is likely to be more personal than a hotel.

Apartments: Apartments and Home Rentals.

Camping: Camping sites and RV parks.

How Much Does it Cost?

Absolutely nothing. All listings are free. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Act Now!

There is only one requirement: that you link back to your accommodation page on from your own website, blog, or Facebook page. We’ll provide you with a permanent URL on once you’re listed. It doesn't take a minute and costs you nothing.

I Want to Get Listed - What do I do?

There are two ways that you can get your accommodation listed.

Register Online: You can now register your accommodation online.

Reservation System: You can wait for us to add you via your listing on the reservation systems(s) below. There can be a delay of a month or more before you appear.

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Included in Your Listing...

For each accommodation, we will list the following details (where available). This includes links to your business pages on all the websites below, giving potential customers a full picture of your accommodation.

Core Listing

The core listing includes Physical Address, Accommodation Category, Description and Directions. These will be overridden by details from our affiliated reservation system(s) where available.


Business PhoneBusiness Phone


Free PhoneFree Phone


Web and Email

External WebsiteExternal Website: A link to your own website.

E-mail AddressE-mail Address: Coming soon.

Messengers and Chat

SkypeSkype: Includes Online Status Indicator.  Sign Up

Windows Live MessengerWindows Live Messenger: Coming soon.  Sign Up

Google TalkGoogle Talk: Coming soon.  Sign Up

Yahoo!MessengerYahoo!Messenger: Includes Online Status Indicator.  Sign Up

AIMAIM: Includes Online Status Indicator.  Sign Up

Social Networks

TwitterTwitter: Latest statuses are displayed within the page.  Sign Up

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Google SitesGoogle Sites: Quickly create a website from a template.  Sign Up

Photos and Videos

We list a slide show of photos that you provide, and links to...

FlickrFlickr: Online photo album.  Sign Up

YouTubeYouTube: Use your YouTube channel (rather than individual video).  Sign Up


We list accommodation by Country and City. We expect an accurate location to the nearest (small) town/city. We cannot locate you in a major city 20 minutes drive away from your actual town/city just because you choose. Our users want accurate, relevant results and each page links to nearby alternative locations.

We need your latitude and longitude (in decimal format) to six decimal places (building-level accuracy) so that we can provide an accurate map of your location and a Google StreetView panorama (where available). Use this tool to find your latitude and longitude.

Google MapsGoogle Maps: Your Local Business Listing.  Sign Up

Rooms, Rates and Reservations

Details of rooms, rates and availability and booking links are only provided through our affiliated reservation system(s). They're highly recommended (else we wouldn't use them). So why not join? See left.

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